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In Graphic Detail: The Rise of the Shipping Container

Globalization and China’s emergence as a manufacturing giant turned this US innovation into the shipping industry’s ubiquitous workhorse. by Vanessa Minke-MartinJune 17, 2022 | 700 words, about 3 minutes Every industry has its…

What Lurks Inside Shipping Containers

Seizure-inducing methyl bromide and carcinogenic formaldehyde are only some of the poisonous chemicals scientists found inside cargo containers. by Chris Baraniuk July 7, 2022 | 950 words, about 4 minutes      …

Galp and Northvolt select Setúbal to build advanced lithium conversion unit

April 13, 2022 Galp and Northvolt have selected the port city of Setúbal as the location for their Aurora lithium conversion plant, which aims to become a steppingstone for the development of an…

The UK CMA blocks the merger between Cargotec and Konecranes and thus the Companies have Jointly Decided to Cancel the Planned Merger

The UK CMA blocks the merger between Cargotec and Konecranes and thus the Companies have Jointly Decided to Cancel the Planned Merger 29 March 2022 The UK Competition & Markets Authority (“CMA”) has…

Repsol and Navantia to develop solutions for decarbonising shipping

Repsol and Spanish state-owned shipbuilding company Navantia have signed a collaboration agreement to jointly develop solutions to decarbonise maritime transport. Michele Labrut | Mar 04, 2022   The aim is to develop solutions…

Estonian cargoship Helt sunk in Odesa

Ukraine Crisis brought to you by       An Estonian general cargoship Helt has sunk after an apparent mine strike in the port of Odesa, Ukraine. Marcus Hand | Mar 04, 2022…

Sanmar Shipyards and SCHOTTEL further strengthen collaboration with second framework agreement

Istanbul-based Sanmar Shipyards and the German propulsion expert SCHOTTEL have signed a second framework agreement. It makes SCHOTTEL the exclusive supplier of thrusters for the upgraded Robert Allan tug design of the Sirapinar…


AND THE IMO’S GHG STRATEGY The identification and availability of appropriate spares is not only about safeguarding the vessel and personnel against maritime risks, but also about safeguarding the environment. Namely, controlling GHG…

- Flexible and cost-oriented
- Worldwide network
- Comprehensive analyses
- Standardised processes (A.I Systems to increase produtivity)

One worldwide supplier contact - You and your captains have a one point of contact for all your needs.
Consultancy from A-Z Our competent H&P GROUP team has the answer to all your questions – no matter whether it’s about suppliers, ports or goods. Gain from our experience in Markets such as Aerospace, Militar & Medical

Advanced compliance management used in high-value outsourcing contracts, which are often governed by complex legal frameworks
and dozens of individual service line agreements and
KPIs. Future systems automatically extract all these conditions from contracts through machine reading
and match them against continuous streams of invoices, supplier activity, and performance data.
Category managers, buyers, and business owners will then be alerted about compliance breaches

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