Repairing & Maintenance Services

Our specialized technicians travel around the world in order to provide quick assistance. Repair of marine, industrial and power plants Repair of engines from various manufacturers worldwide Ship repair, piping, steel construction

Welcome to PartYard!

The place where all your needs are met in just One Contact.

At PartYard we have proudly figured it out a way to exceed your expectations, delivering the best solutions at the highest standards.

PartYard does not cut corners or neglects any of our Customer’s requests therefore everything is done with utmost CARE and QUALITY assuring 1 Year Warranty for your own peace of mind.

PartYard offers consulting services to identify key potential for improvement in the areas of industrial asset management, production processes and operations infrastructure.

PartYard is the worldwide leader in minimizing equipment and asset downtime and maximizing performance by providing critical services for our customers.

Our Research and Development department thrives new technologies and business strategies that give us the edge over our competitors when providing the best quality technological solutions and services for our customers.

Our Supply Chain

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