Charting a Sustainable Future: Port of Setúbal Unveils ‘Hub2 Green Setúbal 2030’ Vision

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In a notable presence at WindEurope 2024 held in Bilbao, the Port of Setúbal emerged as a key player in the continent’s most prominent event for both onshore and offshore wind energy and its associated supply chain. Over three days, from March 20th to 22nd, the gathering attracted more than 12,000 industry professionals who engaged in around 40 conferences featuring 250 distinguished speakers, offering insights into the latest trends shaping the European and global wind markets.

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Represented by Isabel Moura Ramos, a Board Member of APSS, and Pedro Ponte, the Director of Engineering, Infrastructure, and Environment, the Port of Setúbal seized this occasion as a resounding success and a prime opportunity to advance a sector that stands as a pivotal focus for the industrial investments within the Setúbal Peninsula.

Reflecting on the event, Isabel Moura Ramos remarked, “We fostered over 100 fruitful connections spanning businesses, institutions, and governmental bodies. This underscores the Port of Setúbal’s pivotal role as a national infrastructure powerhouse, driving forward the adoption and advocacy of oceanic renewable energies on the European stage.”

Additionally, the Port of Setúbal actively participated in a joint initiative led by the Ports of Portugal, where esteemed entities such as the Embassy of Portugal in Norway, Wavec Offshore, Norwegian Offshore, Norwegian Innovation, ETERMAR, and WindEurope Ports Platform convened to exchange ideas and insights.

Underpinning its commitment to sustainable development, the Port of Setúbal unveiled its visionary roadmap, “Port of Setúbal 2030 – Hub2 Green Setúbal,” aimed at broadening its business horizons and service offerings tailored for green industries and logistics. This transformative strategy seeks to position the Port of Setúbal as a premier economic hub driving sustainable growth.

Currently, APSS is spearheading two flagship projects poised to invigorate the offshore wind sector, namely the development of the TW – Terminal Wind2Sea Offshore and an expansive Logistic Support Area for Offshore operations situated within the Sapal do Moinho Novo.

With projected industrial investments soaring to approximately 3 billion euros over the forthcoming years, encompassing diverse sectors ranging from biofuels to sustainable ship repair, the Port of Setúbal is slated to emerge as an indispensable partner, catalyzing enhanced competitiveness and bolstering the internationalization of the local, regional, and national economy.

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