Through our esteemed collaboration with COGEMA, PartYard proudly extends its offerings to encompass a comprehensive range of equipment and accessories for marine vessels and heavy industries in Portugal. Established in 1959, COGEMA has been a stalwart in serving the maritime sector, supplying essential components for engine rooms and decks across various vessel types. Additionally, COGEMA’s representation of leading international companies in specialized equipment underscores their commitment to excellence in gas compression, liquid transport, and control systems, as well as mass transfer equipment.

SKF Marine is a division of SKF, a Swedish engineering company that operates in a variety of industries, including naval. Specializing in bearing solutions, lubrication systems, condition monitoring and maintenance services for naval applications, SKF Marine serves shipowners, fleet operators and shipyards around the world. With a focus on customized solutions aimed at increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs, the company is known for its expertise in condition monitoring and data analysis, contributing to more informed maintenance and repair decisions and minimizing downtime.

SCHOTTEL Industries GmbH, founded in 1921, is an industrial holding company that operates in a variety of areas, such as ship propulsion and offshore applications, transmission technology and automation, as well as renewable energy. With six companies under its management, SCHOTTEL is a reference in innovative and sustainable solutions for various industries.

Founded in 1991 in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, WESCO Navy is a family-owned company that supplies technical equipment to the shipping industry around the world. Specialized in kitchen equipment, laundry and water heaters for the maritime area. They serve a variety of customers, including shipowners, shipyards and ship suppliers, offering tailored solutions to their needs. In addition, all management positions in our company are occupied by family members, which allows us to maintain an agile and customer-oriented business approach.

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