GENERON Unveils Advanced Nitrogen Generation Systems for Enhanced Marine Operations

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GENERON, a leading company in gas separation technologies, announced the successful development and deployment of cutting-edge nitrogen generation solutions designed specifically for the marine industry. This marks a significant step forward for GENERON as they strive to provide innovative solutions for inerting and tank blanketing applications on vessels worldwide.

In the final quarter of 2023, GENERON delivered nitrogen generator equipment capable of producing highly pure nitrogen (95% or 97%) to cater to the diverse needs of ships involved in product offloading and protection. These systems incorporate GENERON’s proprietary Triton cabinets, which are meticulously designed to meet specific flow requirements and achieve desired purity levels while occupying minimal space – a crucial factor on ships with limited onboard storage.

The patented Triton cabinets, unique in their space-saving design and tailored for marine environments, differentiate GENERON’s offerings. The Triton series empowers vessels to generate their own nitrogen, eliminating dependence on external sources. Additionally, GENERON’s DNV-certified 4000 and 6000 series cabinets further complement the Triton line, providing alternative designs that prioritize practicality, affordability, and efficiency in nitrogen generation solutions for shipbuilders.

GENERON attributes its success in this venture to its extensive global network of agents and technical sales teams who work collaboratively with shipbuilders. This collaborative approach ensures seamless integration and optimal performance of nitrogen generation systems on vessels, reflecting GENERON’s commitment to addressing the specific needs of the maritime industry and its dedication to delivering exceptional solutions.

Credit: The Maritime Executive

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