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Schottel Rudder propeller and new builD conversions Ships

The Schottel Rudder Propeller is a revolutionary piece of maritime technology that has greatly improved the efficiency and maneuverability of vessels of all sizes. Developed by Schottel, a German company with over 60…


New generation liquefied natural gas (LNG) is a form of natural gas that has been cooled to a liquid state in order to facilitate its transport and storage. This process makes it easier…

WHAT IF YOU DONt NEED TO USE NEW OIL; SKF RecondOil Box makes it possible to use the same oil over and over again

What if you could get cleaner oil in your application without having to change it? With RecondOil Box from SKF, you can use the same oil over and over again. In fact, you…

bp begins shipping liquefied natural gas from Mozambique’s first LNG project

bp loads cargo from Mozambique’s first liquefied natural gas (LNG) project bp has a long-term agreement to purchase 100% of LNG output from the facility that has the capacity to produce up to…

How Schottel uses digitalization to optimize vessel operations (Simple and effective)

Written by Nick Blenkey Schottel MariHub is the on board hub for data collection, processing and evaluation. Propulsion specialist Schottel, Spay, Germany, is introducing a range of digital products and services that open up new…

SKF MARINE Adjustable chocks allow easy mounting

  2022 March 08, 10:00 CET SKF’s expanded range of adjustable chocks helps improve the technical and economic performance of rotating equipment – from engines and generators to motors and gearboxes Gothenburg, Sweden…

Chile Uses High-tech Buoys to Protect Migrating Whales

  (Photo: Fundacion MERI) A smart buoy that can “hear” the ocean and monitor climate change is part of a new effort to help endangered whales avoid ship collisions on their journey from…

SCHOTTEL RudderPropellers to power world’s first hydrogen tug

The first hydrogen-powered tug worldwide is equipped with SCHOTTEL propulsion systems. The vessel, which will be among the cleanest of the fleet of the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, has recently been launched by the…

- Flexible and cost-oriented
- Worldwide network
- Comprehensive analyses
- Standardised processes (A.I Systems to increase produtivity)

One worldwide supplier contact - You and your captains have a one point of contact for all your needs.
Consultancy from A-Z Our competent H&P GROUP team has the answer to all your questions – no matter whether it’s about suppliers, ports or goods. Gain from our experience in Markets such as Aerospace, Militar & Medical

Advanced compliance management used in high-value outsourcing contracts, which are often governed by complex legal frameworks
and dozens of individual service line agreements and
KPIs. Future systems automatically extract all these conditions from contracts through machine reading
and match them against continuous streams of invoices, supplier activity, and performance data.
Category managers, buyers, and business owners will then be alerted about compliance breaches

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