Med Marine Selects SCHOTTEL RudderPropellers for Six New ASD Tugs

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In a strategic move to meet the escalating demand for tugboats, Turkish shipbuilding powerhouse Med Marine has chosen SCHOTTEL as the propulsion partner for six new ASD tugs. The vessels, set to be constructed at Med Marine’s Ereğli Shipyard, are slated for delivery in 2025. The collaboration entails the installation of a total of 12 SCHOTTEL RudderPropellers (SRP), featuring models from the SRP 360, SRP 430, and SRP 490 series. These cutting-edge propulsion systems will cover various bollard pull requirements, ranging from 50 to 85 tonnes, offering versatility to cater to diverse maritime needs.

The decision to opt for SCHOTTEL thrusters aligns with Med Marine’s proactive production strategy, as highlighted by Ertuğrul Çetin, Procurement & Technical Group Director at Med Marine. Çetin emphasized the importance of mitigating potential disruptions in the face of global challenges affecting supply chains. He underscored the enduring partnership with SCHOTTEL, citing the manufacturer’s reputation for providing modern, high-quality drive systems and steadfast reliability as a supplier.

The selected SCHOTTEL RudderPropellers boast power ratings ranging from 1,575 to 2,525 kilowatts per unit, accompanied by propeller diameters spanning from 2.2 meters for SRP 360 units to 2.8 meters for SRP 490 units. The technology ensures maximum maneuverability, impressive bollard pull, and exceptional course stability during free sailing. SCHOTTEL’s commitment to delivering powerful thrust in any direction, coupled with high propulsion efficiency, underscores its dedication to minimizing operating costs and emissions.

Med Marine’s Ereğli Shipyard will spearhead the construction process, with the completion of the new tugs anticipated in the course of 2025.

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