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PartYard offers consulting services to identify key potential for improvement in the areas of industrial asset management, production processes and operations infrastructure. Our highly qualified experts have an in-depth knowledge of the needs as well as best practices to support any industry, whether you have a single or a comprehensive technical/organizational issue. Our Asset Consulting Services encompass:

  • Plant performance benchmarking;
  • Performance improvement delivery;
  • Change management and sustainable maintenance excellence;
  • Turnaround excellence;
  • Safety, health and environmental excellence.

We are experienced in deploying solutions to improve manufacturing processes for our customers specific requirements allowing improvement in manufacturing processes, processes performance, increase production speed and defect reduction.


We provide consulting services and engineering solutions to companies’ requirements by access their needs and presenting specific solutions to increase productivity within the companies activities.

Our skilled team of consultants work closely with the companies human and material resources in order to better understand their requirements and business know-how and pass them on to our skilled engineers so they can develop new and better solutions to the identified problems that are usual the production bottlenecks.


We are experienced in deploying solutions to improve manufacturing processes. Our solutions comprehend methods of measuring key aspects of production (Overall Equipment Effectiveness “OEE”) and then working towards improvements based on information and data.

Our solutions are integrated with the manufacturing existing systems in order to monitor equipment and processes performance.

Our goal is to improve plant floor productivity by reducing down times, increasing speed and reducing defects. OEE data is displayed next to key machines, illustrating their productivity over time.


Our advanced solutions allow OEE data to be represented in a ubiquitous form across different type of devices (from personal computers, to mobile equipments such as smart phones, tablets and head-mounted displays).

The data extracted from the automation equipments is represented in a simple graphical form so decision makers – from the machine operators, plant floor supervisors to top decision makers.

Our real-time systems allow customized alerts of specific low-level KPIs to be programmed into the system so workers can be alerted promptly about the production effectiveness. Also, high-level KPIs can also be configured so analysts can be alerted.

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