SCHOTTEL Celebrates 60 Years of Excellence with the ControllablePropeller

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SCHOTTEL ControllablePropeller

In a testament to six decades of innovation, SCHOTTEL commemorates the diamond jubilee of its ControllablePropeller (SCP), a propulsion system renowned for its high performance in vessel speed, power density, and sound signature. Originally conceived in the Wismar facility, now part of SCHOTTEL, the SCP has evolved into a preferred choice for a diverse range of applications, including trawlers, ferries, cruise vessels, navy ships, and governmental vessels.

SCHOTTEL’s journey with controllable pitch propellers began 60 years ago when the first series was crafted at the Wismar facility. In 1998, SCHOTTEL officially acquired the company, then operating as Wismarer Propeller- und Maschinenbau GmbH, integrating its decades of expertise into the German propulsion expert’s portfolio. Since then, strategic investments and a comprehensive modernization program have transformed the Wismar facility into a cutting-edge production hub for propulsion systems.

Dr. Michael Potts, Branch Manager of SCHOTTEL Wismar, emphasizes the company’s commitment to tailoring each SCP to meet the unique requirements of its customers. Employing extensive analyses and modern design methods such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), SCHOTTEL ensures sound hydrodynamics and maximum overall efficiency for every propulsion system.

The SCP’s versatility is highlighted by its selection of hubs, optimized for various challenges encountered in different fields of application. While dredgers, fishing vessels, and cargo ships may not require high speeds or low noise levels during operation, navy and research vessels, as well as yachts, demand precisely these characteristics. The SCP’s flow-optimized hub addresses this need, offering a solution with the lowest sound emissions in the lineup, suitable for high-load applications in faster vessel types.

This modular system is adaptable to the specific requirements of each vessel, with specialized hub variants catering to specific challenges. For example, a hub variant for dredgers prevents sediment from entering the hub during operation, ensuring optimal functionality. All SCP variants are Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL) approved and designed to be maintenance-friendly. The system can optionally support full-feathering mode and be operated with SCHOTTEL’s latest PropControl remote-control technology.

The SCP, with its robust construction grounded in sixty years of engineering experience, has been tried and tested in thousands of practical applications. Spanning a power range of 600 kilowatts to 30 megawatts and propeller diameters up to eight meters in length, it remains a reliable choice for vessels facing diverse challenges. Single shaft lengths of up to 20 meters can be produced to accommodate various ship designs.

SCHOTTEL’s After Sales Service, extending support throughout the entire life cycle of a propulsion system, ensures a global service network from vessel commissioning to technical support, emergencies, preventive maintenance, and spare parts manufacturing. As SCHOTTEL celebrates six decades of expertise, the ControllablePropeller continues to set the standard for excellence in maritime propulsion technology.

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