SCHOTTEL to Equip New Traffic Safety Vessels for German Rhine Waterways

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In a groundbreaking development for maritime technology, SCHOTTEL is set to outfit five cutting-edge traffic safety vessels for the German Rhine Waterways and Shipping Administration (WSA) with the innovative electrically driven SCHOTTEL RudderPropellers. The Bolle shipyard in Derben, Germany, has been entrusted with the construction of these state-of-the-art multipurpose vessels, marking a significant leap forward in safety and efficiency.

Revolutionary Propulsion System

The heart of these modern traffic safety vessels lies in the installation of two SCHOTTEL RudderPropellers type SRP 100, a groundbreaking variant designed for use with vertically mounted electric drive motors, known as the L-Drive variant. This marks the first instance of such technology being employed, showcasing the commitment to cutting-edge solutions. The electric motors are powered by lithium-ion batteries and diesel generators, creating a highly efficient serial hybrid system. This combination allows for short trips without the need for diesel generators, and the lithium-ion batteries can swiftly and efficiently compensate for peak demands during use.

Unmatched Maneuverability and Stability

The 360-degree steerable SRP 100 ensures maximum vessel maneuverability, coupled with outstanding course stability during free sailing. This advanced propulsion system provides powerful thrust in any chosen direction, offering unparalleled control. The compact and robust design of the SRP 100 allows these vessels to operate in both low and shallow waters, rendering them resistant to collisions with flotsam.

Fleet Upgrade for Enhanced Operations

The lead vessel in this groundbreaking series, MS Emmerich, has been operational for the WSA Rhine since July 2020. As the prototype for the series currently under construction, MS Emmerich represents an innovative, future-oriented multipurpose vessel. These new traffic safety vessels, all measuring 33.3 meters in length and 7.4 meters in width, each equipped with a crane system and landing ramp, are set to replace the existing fleet, including MS Neuss, MS Rees, MS Köln, MS Homberg, and MS Bonn.

Critical Operations Along the Rhine

Operating on the German part of the Rhine between Duisburg and Bonn, covering a distance of approximately 130 kilometers, these vessels will play a crucial role in ensuring waterway safety. In addition to their primary task of checking and servicing navigation signs, these vessels will be actively involved in clearing shipping disruptions, transporting vehicles and work equipment, and salvaging flotsam.

Future-Proofing Waterway Safety

The integration of SCHOTTEL’s cutting-edge technology in these traffic safety vessels not only elevates operational efficiency but also sets a new standard for sustainability in maritime transportation. The forward-thinking approach towards propulsion systems and hybrid solutions positions these vessels as pioneers in the domain of waterway safety.

As the Bolle shipyard works diligently on the construction of these vessels, the maritime community eagerly anticipates the enhanced capabilities and safety measures they will bring to the German Rhine Waterways.

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