Smyril Line Advances Methanol Adoption with First North Atlantic Cargo RoRo Order

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Image by  Smyril Line

In a groundbreaking move, Smyril Line, based in the
Faroe Islands, has placed an order for two state-of-the-art RoRo cargo ships,
signaling the expanding applications of methanol as the preferred
alternative fuel in the maritime industry. Set to embark on their maiden
voyages in 2026, these environmentally-friendly vessels are designed to
navigate the challenging North Atlantic route to Iceland and the Faroe Islands,
fueled by cutting-edge e-methanol.

Jens Meinhard Rasmussen, CEO of Smyril Line,
expresses the company’s commitment to emission reduction in the North Atlantic:
“Now is the time to set ourselves new and bigger goals towards reducing
emissions. With the new ships, we emphasize futureproofing and leading the company
towards a greener energy solution, paving the way for Smyril Line’s fleet
decarbonization goals.”

The vessels are crafted in collaboration with Knud E.
, renowned naval architects, leveraging Smyril Line’s extensive
40-year experience operating in the North Atlantic. Currently boasting a 37,000
gross ton passenger vessel and five cargo ships, the company underscores its
dedication to sustainability with the decision to prepare these ships for e-methanol,
deemed the optimal choice for future green energy.

“We have been operating routes in the North Atlantic
since 1982,” says Rasmussen. “This is not just one of the world’s
longest RoRo and RoPax routes but probably also the one with the most
challenging sailing conditions. We have, therefore, designed the ships with
this in mind.”

The contract for the construction of these vessels has been
awarded to the CIMC Raffles shipyard in China. Measuring an impressive
623 feet (190 meters) in length and featuring 3,300 lane meters for trailers,
the ships promise not only enhanced capacity but also a remarkable 60 percent
energy saving compared to their predecessors.

In addition to their eco-friendly propulsion, the ships will
emit significantly less per transported ton compared to Smyril Line’s existing
fleet. Equipped with a cutting-edge battery system and the option for shore
, these vessels ensure emissions-free port operations. Furthermore,
they are meticulously designed for optimal year-round seaworthiness, meeting
the demands of the challenging North Atlantic environment.

As Smyril Line pioneers sustainable maritime solutions, this
order underscores the maritime industry’s ongoing shift towards cleaner,
greener energy alternatives.

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