Designers & Developers


Our Research and Development department thrives new technologies and business strategies that give us the edge over our competitors when providing the best quality technological solutions and services for our customers.

How we will shape the future

“Working closely with our Military customers, we build a deep understanding of the defense and security challenges that need to be overcome.

Together with our research and development teams at the Universities of Portugal & France, we focus on the developing next-generation AI/supply that are applicable to specific challenges, are easy to integrate, cost-effective and sustainable.

Repair Companies


PartYard is the worldwide leader in minimizing equipment and asset downtime and maximizing performance by providing critical services for our customers.

If you choose PARTYARD you will have a partner thinking and acting for your business

All of our services are delivered by highly trained and certified technicians. We recognize that success is ultimately measured by our customers’ trust and confidence, which we earn every day by providing outstanding service and quality manufactured parts.

From Transportation, Space and Defense to Industry, we are well known as one of the most reliable maintenance contracting companies catering to the Oil & Gas, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Power & Water Sectors for mechanical, electrical and instrumentation maintenance services.

Ship Owners


Global supply chain management is a critical success factor. Effective support of modern systems and equipment requires, more than ever, the right elements of support.

With a highly reliable supply chain on Space Market, Marine, Railway, Industry, Automotive, Offshore, Defense and Aviation, in PartYard you can meet your demand like no other supplier.

If you choose PARTYARD you will have a partner thinking and acting for your business

We perform a comprehensive assessment of logistic support needs, such as energy, equipments, spare and repair parts, that effectively develops the logistic support products needed, and accomplishes planning to gets those support items where and when they are needed, saving your time and money.

Spare Part Suppliers


The delivery of spare parts to vessels is a process that needs to be effective, versatile and objective, for this reason the need for the spare parts to be readily available and as close as possible to the destination in which they are required.

If you choose PARTYARD you will have a partner thinking and acting for your business

We understand your business and we have everything to unite our experience with the focus on the customer seeking the optimization and a smooth operation of the entire process of delivery of spare parts.

We export goods and industrial spare parts from East and West European manufacturers. We have spare parts for old and current models and equipment, all customers need.



Re-think Industry to develop effective support to sustainable industry in 2022.

At PARTYARD you will find a great partner for you.

If you choose PARTYARD you will have a partner thinking and acting for your business

PartYard offers consulting services to identify and solve yours complex problems.  Our highly qualified experts have an in-depth knowledge of the needs as well as best practices to support, whether you have a single or a comprehensive technical/organizational issue.

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